All about 'Fire on Snow' Mead from Groennfell

All about 'Fire on Snow' Mead from Groennfell

Ricky the Meadmaker
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Fire on Snow is a dry and lightly carbonated cinnamon and vanilla mead with smoked peppers and maple syrup.

Let's get one thing clear right off the bat: "Fire on Snow" is not a reference to any song you might be thinking of.

Some of our staff sings Smoke on the Water (though this was more common while we were brewing Smoke on the Mountain which, in turn, is not a reference to that song nor to the musical of the same name).

Some members of our staff sing The Immigrant Song.

Ricky, as always, sings the Hut Sut Song, but that's simply our perennial burden.

No, Fire on Snow is a reference to the Vermont delicacy Sugar on Snow which is made each sugaring season by pouring hot maple syrup right onto freshly fallen snow, usually in a bowl or a long tray. It's usually formed into a sort of candy on a spoon or a stick, though some folks eat it out of the snow with a spoon, their hands, or plunging their face right into the snow.

To learn more about sugar on snow, you can check out this brief but thorough article from New England Today.

Fire on Snow Cinnamon & Vanilla Mead with Maple & Smoked Peppers | Groennfell Meadery

Fire on Snow Cinnamon & Vanilla Mead with Maple & Smoked Peppers | Groennfell Meadery


A warm, delightful blend of cinnamon, vanilla, maple, and smoked pepper from our friends at Runamok Maple alongside Hatch, Biquinho, and Jalapeno peppers from our own farm.This drink is inspired by the classic Vermont treat, Sugar on Snow, and it's… read more

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So where does the fire part come from? When Ricky first developed this recipe back in the Meadhall Days, he wanted to make something that perfectly balanced and accentuated the maple and the honey. He had the idea of combining winter mulling spices with smoky chilis, and, thus, Fire on Snow was born!

Julie adding the maple and peppers to Fire on Snow

Since then, we've been able to collaborate with our friends at Runamok Maple for the maple, cinnamon, vanilla, and the smoked peppers.

This year, for the first time, we're thrilled to be able to use our own peppers from our farm to add that last little bit of heat to bring the drink together.

Our very own peppers going into Fire on Snow!

Now, a Fire on Snow FAQ:

What does it taste like?
Pretty, freakin' amazing. It's so well balanced that each and every one of those flavors comes through as you drink it.

Will I like it if I don't like spicy things?
Almost certainly. The peppers are there to help bring out flavors in the maple, not to scald you.

Will I like it if I don't like maple, peppers, cinnamon, or vanilla?
Maybe not, but you never know! It has a lot of fans.

How long will it be around?
Ummmm, a couple weeks maybe? We only brew it at the start of the sugaring season, and when it's gone it's gone, though we always hold a little back for the Vermont Maple Festival here in hour hometown of St. Albans!

How can I get it?
It's available on the shelf in a few states, but if you want to make sure to order some online before it's gone, you can purchase some here.

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