Baking with Mead: Which Mead Tastes Best?

Baking with Mead: Which Mead Tastes Best?

Sam Trathen
2 minute read

Have you ever tried baking with mead? Cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, brownies, compotes, and so much more. All can be made better with mead. So, which mead should you choose for your baking endeavors? That question is a little more contentious.

So we asked our Meadiacs if this was solid proof that Psychopomp was the #1 mead baking ingredient... and their answers may surprise you.

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5th Place 

Thanks to Meadiac Margot S. for this answer, which gave us a good chuckle. Meadiac Blair K. followed it up with, "If by baking with them, you mean keeping one nearby so I can pound it while I'm mixing ingredients, then all of them." Cheeky!

4th Place 

This mead is a frequent winner on all of our polls, but it's its robust taste that makes it a good pick for savory bakes. Think you know which mead won fouth? Click the image below!

3rd Place

Third place is an autumn favorite, with a delightfully sour flavor that makes for great sweet treats. In fact, we even posted a cranberry cheesecake recipe that included this brew in late 2021 which was a big hit. Can you guess? Click the pic below!

2nd Place

This mead surprised us quite a bit - we thought it was a solid first place for sure! But it turns out, there was one mead who could beat this sour favorite. Think you know who got the silver medal? Click the pic below!

1st Place

This mead comes in two different varieties which might be why it won first place. Whether sweet or savory, our Meadiacs have decided this is the number one inclusion for any bake. Click the pic below and see if you agree!

baking with mead



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