Bee Proud Label Art Contest Winner Announced

Bee Proud Label Art Contest Winner Announced

Sam Trathen
2 minute read

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Bee Proud mead label competition! We are so grateful and proud to have so many amazing artists in our community! We had ten spectacular designs to choose from in this contest. But only one artist could be picked.

The winner of the Bee Proud label art competition is Brandi Slovinsky!

You may remember Brandi from our Sour Meadmaker label. This is her second sour label with Havoc and we’re delighted to have her back.

But we’ll let Brandi speak for herself:

I’m Brandi Slovinsky- wife, mom, artist, & MS warrior. Painting is my medium of choice, mostly acrylic on canvas. One of my = (the) symptoms of MS is numbness in my hands. For this contest, I knew my hands wouldn't be able to paint. So I experimented with digital art and had an absolute blast doing it.

Art is something I am always passionate about. I love its diversity and the different mediums, subjects, techniques and styles. For me, art is about expressing myself. As an overthinking introvert, I’m not always the best at saying what’s on my mind or what I’m feeling. When I paint, my thoughts, feelings, & emotions can come out through the use of color, shapes, & new subjects. It’s a creative outlet that has also become an essential part of who I am.  And MS won't stop my passion!

Thanks so much Brandi! And thank you to all of our amazing artists who participated. Everyone did a spectacular job.

Bee Proud will be available for presale to everyone this Thursday, 6/2/2022. Certified Meadiacs, of course, get first dibs on Wednesday, 6/1.

Inspired by the classic Cassis Orange cocktail, this delightful sour brewed with black currant and orange juice is available as part of our Pride '22 Celebration! 

A portion of the proceeds from this mead will go to support our friends at Pride Center of VT! Ricky the Meadmaker wrote this letter about what Pride means to us as a company last year.

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