Brew Your Own Mead: Buckland Mead Recipe

Brew Your Own Mead: Buckland Mead Recipe

Kelly Klein, Groennfell & Havoc CEO
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Buckland is one of our all-time favorite meads which makes an appearance on May Day, then hangs out until autumn arrives. Buckland goes perfectly with long summer days, a good book, and 111 birthday parties.

Make your own using our easy-to-follow Buckland mead recipe. This batch makes five gallons of mead and is very simple to make, even for new homebrewers. We recommend loose-leaf tea for the tastiest brew. We also think that Buckland tastes better when it's lightly carbonated, though you can decide whether or not that's how you prefer it. Scroll down for tips on how to make carbonation happen for you.

Buckland Clone Recipe

Batch Size - 5 Gallon/19L

OG - 1.036

FG - .998

ABV - 4.8


5 lbs wildflower honey

Enough water to make the final volume 5 gallons

1 oz. Wyeast Wine Yeast Nutrient

5 packets D47 Yeast

2 oz. Green rooibos loose leaf tea

2 oz. Lemon Juice



    1. Combine the first three ingredients with the water at 92°F (33°C) stirring vigorously to aerate. 
    2. Add the yeast as recommended by the manufacturer
    3. Maintain the fermentation at about 86 degrees Fahrenheit
    4. After fermentation completes, steep the Green Rooibos at 185 degrees for 20 minutes making about two pints of tea.

  • Add the tea and lemon to your fermenter
  • Wait another day

  1. Bottle (with priming sugar) or keg when bubbling has completely stopped (should be 8-10 days). You can also use a SodaStream, like we discussed in this article about the one contraption we think every homebrewer should have.
  2. Enjoy in a week or two!

    buckland mead recipe

For general brewing principles and practices please visit our article: How We Brew Everything We Brew

Don't want to wait? You can order Buckland online and have it shipped right to your door in most of the US!

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