Drinking Verbs

Drinking Verbs

Groennfell Meadery
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Inspired by the fact that Wassail was the progenitor of the verb “Wassailing” – a term meaning to go from door-to-door singing and getting free drinks – we at Groennfell have compiled a list of alcohols, their associated verbs, and what we think they should mean.

Beer – Beoring – Settling in for a night of slow-but-steady alcohol consumption. (Not to be confused with Craft-Beoring.)

Brandy – Brandying – To engage in an esoteric, erudite, or philosophical discussion.

Cider (Vermont) – Go A-Cidering­ – To make a picnic composed entirely of Vermont-made products.

Cider (Upstate New York) – Shekharing – To walk around (or sit on a stump) with a jug of alcohol watching other people take in the harvest.

Craft Beer – Craft-Beoring – To order any beer at a bar for any reason whatsoever, so long as you’ve never had it before. (Not to be confused with Beoring.)

Gin – Jenevering – To spend more time talking about your drink than drinking it.

Grog – Grogging – Onomatopoetic.

Lager – Lagering – To sit in your basement with an ice-cold beer because it’s too goddam hot to go outside.

Saké – Forsakéing – To drink enough saké that you feel morally obligated to defend the honor of your hometown, your mother’s hometown, your friend’s hometown, and a village that you just learned about in National Geographic.

Tequila – Tequiling – To enjoy so many excellent drinks with fine Tequila Anejo that you might as well have been drinking crap.

Vodka – Voding – To make bad decisions. (Cognate of Jusvoding.)

Vodka with Juice – Jusvoding – To make bad decisions while looking like a pansy. (Cognate of Voding.)

Whiskey – Whisking – To drink and think in inverse correlation: The more slowly you drink the better you think, with the reverse being even more true.

Wine (United States) – Wyning – To spend substantially more time drinking and eating during the cocktail “hour” than at dinner.

Wine (Continental Europe) – Wyning – To get up and go about your day as usual.

Wine Cooler – Wine Chilling – To simultaneously relax with your 56 year-old friends and embarrass your children.

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