Nordic Farmhouse Clone Recipe

Nordic Farmhouse Clone Recipe

Kelly Klein, Groennfell & Havoc CEO
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Nordic Farmhouse is a subtle, complex wild-fermented mead.

Nordic Farmhouse Clone Recipe
5 Gallon/19L
OG = 1.046
FG = .998
ABV = 5.7% abv.


  • 5.5 lbs Raw Wildflower Honey
  • .5 Gallons pure Cranberry Juice
  • 4 Gallons Water
  • 1 oz. Wyeast Wine Yeast Nutrient
  • A few packets of saison yeast (if desired)

Step by Step
Combine the first five ingredients at 104°F (40°C) stirring vigorously to aerate. 
Add yeast if desired to jump-start the fermentation.
Maintain the fermentation at about 86°F (30°C).
Bottle (with priming sugar) or keg when bubbling has completely stopped (should be 8-10 days).
​Enjoy in a week or two!

For general brewing principles and practices please visit our article: How We Brew Everything We Brew

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