Our Brewing Ecosystem

Our Brewing Ecosystem

Groennfell Meadery
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In the last few weeks, the staff of Groennfell Meadery has been interviewed about six times. And, on each and every one of those occasions, the person interviewing us has made a startling discovery:
We don’t hate Multi-National Breweries.

Frankly, this is an extension of our company ethos: Everyone is our friend. But more than that, what’s to hate? (Other than duplicitous marketing: We’re looking at you “Blue Moon Brewing Company” aka MillerCoors.) These breweries have, for the most part, gotten big because they make a product people want to drink at a price people are willing to pay. We survive and thrive under the exact same set of rules, we’re just newer to the game.

Without big breweries, there are no craft breweries. Without craft breweries, there are no craft beer drinkers. Without craft beer drinkers, there is no Groennfell Meadery. We rely on a very complex business ecosystem. While we could expound on it for hours, why don’t you just watch this beautiful little YouTube video we came across that explains it all!

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