Ricky's Mead Brew Journal - Week of 10/3 - Perfect Score

Ricky's Mead Brew Journal - Week of 10/3 - Perfect Score

Ricky the Meadmaker
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These are all of Ricky’s actual notes on our meadery operation and the mead we make. There might be profanity, usually of the late 19th Century variety. The only redactions are to remove the names of people and businesses when deemed appropriate. Footnotes provided by Jess and Kelly.

What a run! Jake and I were on our way to the packing room when Kelly informed us that we had not one, not two, but four pallets that needed to go out tomorrow and we didn't have product for any of them. So, starting at noon, we got running on the line and knocked out five pallets in four hours!

About halfway through the run we went to fill can ends and realized we were almost out. We took bets on what would run out and screw up our run: Labels, product, or ends.

Well, we ran out each spool of labels, completed the order perfectly and ended with 12 can ends in the entire building. This is what we refer to as a "Perfect Score" where everything runs out at the same time. This pretty much never happens and certainly not across four products in one day.

I need to get new boots.

Distributors actually showed up at the right time to pick up their product! That was a nice surprise. Proper boxes are back which makes packing easier but less exciting.

I am honestly shocked at how well books and food are selling. Pleased, but surprised. I love making mead, of course, but I'm always excited to find that people are also into our mission of feasting and being part of a creator community.

Yom Kippur. No work today.

Having a day off in the middle of the week is wild! It's frankly only this journal that convinced me that it wasn't Monday. Today was a super fun day starting to get everything ready for our new Crafters and Creators Collection!

These horns definitely won't hold mead like this

Today was the big cleanup day! I'm so excited that Rosie's Confections is doing so well and expanding so fast, but it means that there are big piles of our stuff everywhere. I mean, I guess there were already piles of our stuff everywhere, it's just condensed now.

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