Ricky's Mead Brew Journal - Week of 11/7 - Parking Lot Party

Ricky's Mead Brew Journal - Week of 11/7 - Parking Lot Party

Ricky the Meadmaker
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In which Ricky continues to wrestle with the chiller, six batches of mead get made in a week, Ricky preps for the Parking Lot Party, and the BrewMonitor does its thing.

At least the chiller will go almost 20 hours without faulting... that's better than 20 minutes! Thank goodness for the BrewMonitor. Even though I was planning to head in over the weekend to work on the mushroom farm, it was nice to be able to check out the temperature graph and prioritize getting in to reboot it.

Speaking of mushrooms, I am stupidly excited about this project. It's like brewing but with even more patience. 

I finally dealt with all of those piles of cans. I'm sure that folks come to these posts to learn about the secrets of restarting a stuck fermentation or figuring out how we balance the spices in our holiday meads, but three hours of my day was spent moving cans and cleaning kegs, so... that's that. And it was awesome.

All four active fermentations are going in lock-step, which is pretty rare but nice to see. The chiller has successfully gone two days without faulting, so that's nice.

My collaboration with Village Garage Distillery just dropped and it's SO GOOD! All of our Barrel-aged products have been made with their barrels, and now their gin is made in one of our mead barrels!

They also won cutest couple in the Mead and Gin Category!

Everything is fermenting at exactly the speed it's supposed to! This shouldn't be nearly as exciting as it is.

In the tank I have Chaos Cinnamon Edition, Root of All Evil, VC, Nordic, OW, and Psychopomp all at the same time! This is so wild! I'm really excited to see how my new Base system works out.

The Parking Lot Party was everything I thought it would be and so much more! I can't believe someone drove 800 miles round-trip for it and someone else flew up in the middle of her semester!

What an amazing Parking Lot Party at the Meadery

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