Rosebrew Clone Recipe

Rosebrew Clone Recipe

Kelly Klein, Groennfell & Havoc CEO
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Rosebrew is a collaboration with Stormforged Studios to bring a drink from their live action fantasy show, Tavern Brawl, to life.

Rosebrew Clone Recipe

Batch Size - 5 Gallon/19L

OG - 1.042

FG - 1.000

ABV - 5.8


7.5 lbs wildflower honey

1 oz beet powder

Enough Water to Make the Final Volume 5 Gallons

1 oz. Wyeast Wine Yeast Nutrient

1 tsp rosewater

16 oz of tea made by steeping 2 oz crushed rosehips for 20 minutes at 185 degrees fahrenheit

5 Campden Tablets (if desired)

5 packets Yeast

Step by Step

    1. Combine the first four ingredients with the water at 92°F (33°C) stirring vigorously to aerate. 
    2. Either sulfite with campden tablets and wait 24 hours or go on to the next step
    3. Add the yeast as recommended by the manufacturer
    4. Maintain the fermentation at about 86 degrees fahrenheit

  • Add rosewater and rosehip tea

  1. Bottle (with priming sugar) or keg when bubbling has completely stopped (should be 8-10 days).
  2. Enjoy in a week or two!

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