Sour Meadmaker Label Art Contest WINNER Announced

Sour Meadmaker Label Art Contest WINNER Announced

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Thank you to EVERYONE who helped us with the Sour Meadmaker Label Art Competition! Whether you were one of the 28 people who submitted art, one of the 800+ who voted, or even if you just shared the competition with your artsy friends, you helped us craft something wonderfully unique and beautiful, and emblematic of our community.

There were so many incredible choices, but sadly, there could only be one winner. After three rounds of voting, one winner stood above the others.

That winner is (drumroll please)...

Green Man Ricky by Brandi Slovinsky

We caught up with Brandi to chat about her process and her other artwork. Here's what she said:

"I have always had a passion for art my whole life. As a child, I could always be found painting. In my teenage years, I discovered the world of painting. I am a self-taught artist.
sour meadmaker
My paintings are raw. I paint my emotions. Each painting is personal and I approach a painting as I would write a poem. So each painting as a story under its layers of paint. I love the mystery behind it. I am an abstract artist with a twist. I love the freedom of it. I use acrylic paint and watercolor. I love painting larger scale paintings.
sour meadmaker
My work is heavily influenced by my favorite artists: Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns.
My artwork can be found on my Etsy shop at CrookedbarnByBrandi Or Or my facebook @Brandicrookedbarn"


Brandi also shared with us that our competition came at just the right time for her. She was recently placed on a new medication for her MS that allows her paint once more.


Brandi, we're so happy that you chose to submit to the competition, and so honored to have your art on the Raspberry Lime Sour Meadmaker cans! Thanks again to everyone who was involved!


Raspberry Lime Sour Meadmaker will be available starting March 13th. You can get first crack at it by joining our Groennfell and Havoc Certified Meadiacs group on Facebook, where we will be having a launch party on March 12th at 6:30 EST. Don't miss out!


See the gallery gif below to view all of the wonderful entries: 

sour meadmaker


In the meantime, check out our newest current releases: Chaos Cyser and Oak-Aged Valkyrie's Choice

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