The Bee - Thursday Fun Fact 2023-05-04

The Bee - Thursday Fun Fact 2023-05-04

Groennfell Meadery
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Most people have never noticed the bee in our logo. It's pollinating an apple blossom on the leftmost mountain in the background. It's pretty tough to notice because, scaled to the size of a can, the bee is just over a nanometer in length.

According to some science hippies, no known printing process based on ink could possibly produce an image that small, but what do they know?

See, the trick is to manipulate a set of ten single aluminum atoms (which is roughly the correct size) to present their electrons primarily on a single plane which sorta gives the effect of a bee flapping its wings.

Developing this technology would be a good use of time and definitely have unforeseen benefits for humanity.

The one place where we've perfected this technique is on Valkyrie's Choice. It's not apparent on every can without an electron microscope, but if you buy a whole case (and an electron microscope) you should be able to see it on at least one can.

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