The Bomber is a Lie

The Bomber is a Lie

Groennfell Meadery
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Line of Bottles by Michael TonsmeireLine of Bottles by Michael Tonsmeire

Over the years we have been routinely asked why we don’t package our product in bombers. We give a lot of answers to this question from multiple-packaging costs to aesthetics, but there’s a real honest answer to the question: It’s bad for the consumer. 

With a bomber you are almost always paying much more for less. Furthermore, we don’t want you drinking 22 oz. of Valkyrie’s Choice, the equivalent of a whopping 4 shots of Maker’s Mark. 

Rather than running the numbers for you ourselves, we are going to share with you our absolute favorite article on the subject.

Craft Beer Bottle Sizes (Rant) by the Mad Fermentationist, an excerpt:

Instead of seeing a per ounce savings the large format bottles are often more than twice as expensive as their smaller counterparts. Here are some examples of 12 oz versus 22 oz bottle prices from one of the local beercentric stores: Hop Rod Rye $2.59 ($.22/oz) vs. $5.49 ($.25/oz), Lagunitas Maximus $2.39 ($.20/oz) vs. $5.99 ($.27/oz), and shockingly Rogue Dead Guy is $2.99 ($.25/oz) vs. $7.99 ($.36/oz)… almost a 50% premium on the beer in the bomber! I think some of it is psychological, for some reason I think a $4 bomber is a good deal, even though that works out to a $13 six-pack (and a somewhat pricey $10 bomber is the equivalent of an outrageous sounding $32.72 six-pack). 

Please please click here to head over to his blog to read this post in its entirety.  It will change your life.

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