You Asked For It

You Asked For It

Groennfell Meadery
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Well, Meadiacs, you sure asked for it…

“When can I get your mead in Connecticut?”
“What??? You don’t sell in Arizona?”
“Don’t you think your product would sell well in Tampa?”
“Wait, you’re seriously only available in Vermont?”

You pushed and cajoled and pestered and have generally been the most delightful squeaky wheels it has ever been our pleasure to meet. Now it’s time to get your grease:

Groennfell Meadery is expanding distribution out of Vermont!

We’ve already laid the groundwork for one out-of-state distributorship (more information when it’s formalized), and we’ve made contact with several other distributors. It’s a long and complicated process, but it’s humming along nicely. But…

We need your help.

Mead isn’t always an easy sell, and many, many individuals have a sour (or cloyingly sweet) taste left in their mouths from meads past. So here’s what you can do to help:

If you live in one of the following states, we need you to go to your local liquor store, bar, gas station, mead emporium and/or supermarket and ask for our product. Nothing accelerates negotiations like demand. The states we’re moving into right now are: Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Iowa.

If you own a bar, liquor store, etc. in any of these states, you can Contact Us directly to know which distributor you should be pestering.

Sad that your state isn’t on the list? Don’t worry, this is just the list of states with which we’ve already made contact. We will let you know when we’re looking near you!

Next, no matter where you live, you can go and review our meads! We really appreciate good reviews on:
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So that’s it! Look for updates soon!

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