Beltane, Buckland, and More!

Joyous Beltane! 

Whether you're a pagan or not, you might be familiar with the holiday of Beltane (thanks to a certain horror film). May 1st is traditionally Beltane and as it's the same day as our Buckland release, you can imagine it's a pretty big holiday around here.

buckland release

(Our artist, Autumn, celebrates Beltane with her goat -- named Beltane!)

Beltane is the time of bonfires, song and dance, love, and, of course, mead. Which are basically our core tenants here at Groennfell. It's a time for creative collaboration, inclusivity, and above all else, joy. 

(Fun fact: in the Irish language, the entire month of May is called Beltane!)

Our May Day Celebrations

Here at Groennfell, we like to celebrate May Day with a few acts of service.

In our home state of Vermont, May 1st is Green Up Day: a day for all citizens to take some time and clean up their community. As May 1st falls on a Saturday this year, our brewers have been taking time all week to clean our local area. See some pics below:

green up


If you're learning more about Green Up Day, make sure to check out and find the closest clean up location to you. We'll see you out there!

Release of Buckland

Nothing says Spring like a return to the Shire!

The reviews are already pouring in from those hobbits over on our Certified Meadiacs group. Here's what Steve M. has to say:

buckland review


Though it's only available in Spring, Buckland is one of our most-requested meads all year long, so don't forget to grab a few cans to put away. 

Join us tonight at our Beltane/May Day Mead Hall featuring a special guest from New York Dramatic Voices to talk about our special edition of Valkyrie's Choice (available now!)

Our Certified Meadiacs group always has early access to our launches -- don't miss out!

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