Drinking like Fish

Lake Champlain International: Clean Water, Healthy Fish, Happy People... Good Mead.

There are literally millions of reasons to care about water quality. Most of them, however, are complex, convoluted, a little tragic, and/or just plain boring.

Here’s a simple, well-articulated, positive, and exciting reason to care:
Good Water Means Good Mead

Like most craft beverages, our meads are approximately 90-95% water by volume. So good water is of the utmost importance to us as brewers. There aren’t many places in the US where you can brew great tasting mead with water right out of the tap, but Colchester, Vermont is one of them.

One of the reasons Groennfell Meadery is located in Vermont – besides the fact that it’s pretty much the best state, oh, and our company name wouldn’t make sense anywhere else – is not only the water quality, but its consistency throughout the year. With only a little pre-filtration we can brew the same awesome craft meads batch-after-batch.

But we’re not so self-centered as to think our mead alone is the reason Vermont takes its water quality so seriously. It’s great organizations like Lake Champlain International (LCI), relentlessly fighting for “a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Lake Champlain” that make our company possible.

To that end, Groennfell Meadery is proud to announce that we are now Signature Members of LCI with many collaborative efforts in the works. We’ll be making several announcements over the next few months about how you can get involved!

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