Kolbitar: The Rebirth of an Ancient Tradition

Long ago, when the nights were darker and the winters longer,
Back when the world felt new and impossibly old,
Back when we still knew the answers to the mysteries of the earth…
​These were the days of the Kolbitar.
Every age and every land has had its story tellers. There have been scalds and bards; biwa hoshi and griots; cuentistas and scéalaí. And, of course, there have been the Kolbitar.

The Kolbitar were the fireside historians of ancient Iceland. They were not great scaldic poets, nor did they travel from town to town recounting adventures. The Kolbitar were plain folk who wished to enthrall, enchant, and inform.

As part of our mission to provide a place for rest and repose, a place to focus on one another rather than our glowing screens, we are proud to introduce Kolbitar at Colchester’s Mead Hall.

On the first Thursday of every month – come rain, wind or snow – we will gather around the fire to listen to stories. Each month will feature a different speaker and a different region of the world.

There will be special food and abundant mead.

So, come join us by the fire. There’s always room enough for one more.

And, if you missed the first one, don’t worry, Ricky will be happy to ramble at you at any time.

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