Meet the Goats! (And the Farmer)


This Saturday we’re hosting the Feast of the Goat at the Mead Hall, and we are outrageously excited!

Every bite of food we’re preparing comes from a Vermont Farm, so we thought it would great to tell you a little bit about the Star of the Show: Nathaniel Stratton.

Nathaniel is an integral part of the operations at Putting Down Roots in South Royalton. He lives right there on the farm with his beloved goat herd.

Here’s what Nathaniel has to say about his practices in his own words:
“All the goats are Alpine goats and mixes. I pick up bucklings from dairy farms throughout the state as they’re born in the spring.

“They’re bottle-fed milk from local dairies until they go out on pasture in mid-May.

“I take them on walks before they go out on pasture to get their rumens used to the fresh grass. They are part of a multi-species group that I am using intensive rotational grazing practices with to increase my soil and forage quality.

“I move them at least once a day and love to just hang out with them after I do.”

Nathaniel will not only be joining us for The Feast, but will also be bringing some live goats along to talk about the practices that go into sustainably raising meat animals up here in Vermont!

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