On Being a Happy Hyphenate

On Being a Happy Hyphenate - Groennfell Meadery - Kelly Being a Boss BartenderKelly Being a Boss Bartender

Y’know what never gets old? When people call the meadery and want to talk to one of our Department Heads. The conversation goes like this:

Ricky: Groennfell Meadery, Ricky speaking, how may I help you?
Salesperson: Hi, can I speak to the head of your marketing division.
Ricky: Sure thing. Can you hold a moment…
Ricky: Hi, this is Ricky speaking, how may I help you?

It’s also fun to go to parties. When people ask Kelly what she does, she usually says, “I’m the CEO of a meadery.” This is shorthand for “I’m the CEO/assistant brewer/graphic designer/camera operator/web designer/copy editor/head-of-bottling/cashier of a meadery.”

When people find out that Ricky has several degrees in philosophy and comparative theology the immediate response is, “Oh, and I’m sure that helps enormously with owning a brewery.”

It does, because there’s nothing in this wide world so crazy or unlikely that it won’t happen at your meadery.

From researching biomechanics in yeast, to reading Latin recipes from the 2nd century, to simply staying on an even keel when the glycol system ruptures, all of these are skills one acquires in higher ed… or in a garage… or experimenting in one’s kitchen. When you are a brewer, you are the ultimate hyphenate.

This is why homebrewing is such a popular hobby and pro-brewers are generally such happy individuals. When you brew a batch of beer, mead, cider, or sake, you are suddenly a chemist. And an engineer. And a mechanic. And a bodybuilder. And a chef. (Also, let’s be honest, there’s the alcohol…)

This is why we’re such huge advocates of homebrewing mead; the sense of accomplishment is incredible. If you’re not already a home meadmaker, check out all of the articles and videos here.

Being a professional brewer has its stresses, and running any small business can lead to non-pattern baldness, but most of us wouldn’t change careers for the world.

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