Ricky's Brew Journal - Week of 6/20/22

These are all of Ricky’s actual notes, so there might be profanity, usually of the late 19th Century variety. The only redactions are to remove the names of people and businesses when deemed appropriate. Footnotes provided by Jess and Kelly.

Reprogrammed the keg cleaner and it's working fantastically! Blew a line and overfilled the sani tank, but those are minor hiccups, plus the floor near the loading dock hasn't been this clean (let alone sanitized) in years!

Bragi is done! I love this batch SO MUCH. Jake was totally right that one more pound of elderflower would make all the difference.

Just packing boxes and prepping for Renn Faire.

I just realized that moving everything so that I can put the keg cleaner away is a pretty stupid idea since I bet I’ll have a ton of kegs to clean after Faire.

The boys brewed VC and I bet they forgot to take an initial gravity reading again.

I think that this might be my absolute record perfect car utilization for packing. I fit the whole family plus an impossible amount of stuff for Faire.

Madi, Ricky, and Bryce at the 2022 Renn Faire

I fit 22 kegs into the Ioniq, drove all the way through the Notch somehow, and got 68 miles to the gallon round trip. Who needs a box truck!!! We poured 104 gallons of mead by the pint today, all while wearing a tunic, I might add.[1]

[1] Thanks to Autumn who not only supplied him with a tunic for the first day, but also for the second day when the jackass showed up shirtless because he left his first tunic sitting on a pile of kegs at the meadery.

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