Ricky's Brew Journal - Week of 7/4/22

These are all of Ricky’s actual notes, so there might be profanity, usually of the late 19th Century variety. The only redactions are to remove the names of people and businesses when deemed appropriate. Footnotes provided by Jess and Kelly.

It’s the 4th of July, so I only checked gravities then went to the park. Nordic is finished. It seems impossible, but I checked it three times. Other than the sour series, this is clearly a new record.

Hop Swarm absorbed CO2 out of the headspace and got overcarbed, spent the morning bleeding it out. Waste of CO2 and a waste of time. This is why I need to be really good about dropping the head pressure if we’re not canning on successive days.

All kegs are finally clean and the keg cleaner is running without any issues other than the whole train whistle thing…

The video doesn’t quite do it justice.

Bottling, bottling, bottling! Autumn got trained on all the parts of the system.

Adjusted the indexing wheel again, still had a few cans slip through. I can't figure it out. At least I’m getting better at adjusting the wheel!

I need to install a mirror so I can see the cans in the chute. I think we have a spare somewhere.

Our labeler somehow created a Sonic the Hedgehog Can.
Sonic the Hophog

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