You deserve something special. A surprise, perhaps. And we have a few final feastware items that we've been holding on to for just this sort of occasion!

Add this item to your order, and we'll send you one of these super-limited items:

  • Curmudgeon pint glass (only 1 available)
  • Real Vikings Drink Mead Wooden Tankard (only 1 available)
  • Simple Tankard (only 2 available)
  • Horn with Holster (only 4 available)
  • Horn with Stand (only 6 available)
  • Mead Dad Society Pint Glass (only 1 available)
  • Horn Rocks Glass (only 1 available)
  • Pair of Specialty Horn Highball Cups (only 1 pair available)
  • Ceramic Havoc Pint
  • 2020 or 2021 Winter Mug
  • 2022 Buckland Mug

If there is a particular one that you desire, be sure to put it in the notes. We'll do our best to accommodate, but some of these items are super limited, so we can't make any promises! 

If there is something on that list you already have or definitely don't want, be sure to put that in the notes as well. We'll make sure to send you a different item!