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Groennfell Meadery

Bottle of the Month Subscription - Exclusive Meads for Members - Shipping Included

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Next Shipment: April 2024

More details coming soon

New members who sign up before May 1 will receive this shipment!

Read More About Meads of the Month
  • Seasonal Small Batch One-Time Brews, Delivered Monthly

    Each month, Ricky and our creative meadmaking team will be brewing up 200 bottles of a very special one-of-a-kind strong mead with fresh seasonal ingredients - Vermont's fresh natural bounty fermented, bottled, and delivered straight to your table.

  • Each Month is A Seasonal Harvest in a Bottle

    Inspired by the small farm CSA boxes we all love, this seasonal small batch bottle club format will allow us to experiment with exciting ingredients from our own back yard.

    Shown above: Yarrow from Bondegaard, planted and harvested by our meadmaker, which was a key ingredient in our very first bottle of the month, "First Harvest."

  • A New Hand-Drawn Label Design for Each Mead of the Month

    Our extremely talented in-house artist, Autumn Dufresne of Singing Dog Visual Arts, creates new art for each new mead of the month.

    Aside from being our artist, Autumn also packs many of your orders and keeps our facility clean and organized. On top of all that, she's also a farmer whose goats help us with our landscaping!

How it Works

Shipment Timing

Updated October 2023

To receive the shipment for the current month, new members must join before the 20th of that month. For example, anyone who signs up on or after August 20 will receive their first shipment in August.

Current members on monthly plans will be charged every 20th of the month for that month's mead.

Updates on Shipments

As we approach completion of brewing each mead, members who are scheduled to receive that mead will receive updates on its progress and an estimated ship date.

We're also planning on having release parties after each batch ships so we can try the meads together, virtually and/or in person. Watch your email for invites to those get-togethers!

Be sure to whitelist so you don't miss any important messages.

How to Make Changes to Your Shipment

If there's ever an issue with an expected ship date, please contact us so we can hold your order or change your address to a UPS pick up point.

You can also change bottle quantity, pause and restart shipments, update your address or billing info, add one-time items to your shipment, or cancel your membership through your online account with us.

If you need assistance, please email us at

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