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Groennfell & Havoc Mead Store

Havoc Meadaritaville Pint Glass (low inventory)

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This 16oz pint glass is the perfect size to appreciate the hues and aromas of our canned craft meads.

Our Meadaritaville Pint Glass is the perfect way to relax with our limited margarita-style mead.

We've had our pint glasses made locally and they will ship from our St Albans location. If your order also contains mead, we'll do our best to send them together but may need to ship your glass in a separate box if it will give it a better chance of arriving undamaged.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian S.
Love the glasses!

The design is awesome and a perfect pairing to go with the MeadaritaVille or any of the fine meads you might order! They hold a full can but careful on that first sip as it's right to the top. I just replaced all my glasses with these.