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Groennfell & Havoc Mead Store

'Rocks Glass' Drinking Horn

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Our Rocks Glass Drinking Horn is made of neither rocks nor glass, but is somehow better for it. We worked with our hornmaker to design this 8-10oz cup crafted by hand from genuine horn and wood.

Our hope was that it would enhance your mead drinking experience in general, and your mead cocktail drinking in particular.

Made using genuine, ethically-sourced bovine horn, and finished with a durable and beautiful wooden base, this compact horn is approximately 10 oz. in volume, but exact colors, texture, and sizing may vary as these are made from real horn and have been made to keep their natural shape.

Add one of our best selling meads to enjoy in your horn:

Valkyrie's Choice Classic Craft Mead by Groennfell

Nordic Farmhouse Sour Cranberry Mead by Groennfell


We can ship drinking horns to all states, but mead is restricted. Please see our homepage for more info on where we can legally ship mead orders.

If you'd like to purchase a larger order of horns, message us! We'd like to speak about what we can do for you. 

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