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Groennfell Meadery

Valkyrie's Choice Classic Craft Mead by Groennfell

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Valkyrie’s Choice is the Original Craft Mead.

Based on Viking-era ceremonial meads, Valkyrie’s Choice is fermented completely dry and comes in at an outrageously drinkable 6.9% abv.

Like a Valkyrie, this drink is both beautiful and powerful, a beverage worthy of honor and respect.

  • ABV: 6.9%
  • Style: Classic Craft Mead
  • Brand: Groennfell Meadery
  • Final Gravity: 1.000
  • Packaging: 4-pack of 16 fl. oz. cans
  • Ingredients: Water, Raw Wildflower Honey
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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Brandon B.
Using my Valkyrie's Voice to review this Valkyrie's Choice

Intro - Valkyrie's Choice was probably the first of Groennfell's craft mead lineup I tried many years ago from the variety case. It was immediately one of my favorites for the price, with Old Wayfarer taking first place. However, I do not know if the formula changed over time if my tastes changed, or if I am remembering wrong because it's not quite the same now as it was back then. With that said even though it's different it does taste cleaner, probably due to them no longer using sulfates and the like.

Lookers - Valkyrie's Choice has a very pretty golden wheat appearance that is much lighter than Old Wayfarer, it reminds me of a Moscato wine appearance. It is a little bit misty yet you can almost look through it, and a slight amount of carbonation bubbles cling to the side of my glass.

Sniffers - The aroma is hard to pick up on, especially with the liquid being cold, as well as my air leaving my nose dry and sad, making it even harder to pick up any smell. It has a very subtle honey smell (who would have guessed) and not much else, I could not even smell any alcohol which is good.

Tasters - Smooth and crisp honey flavor with a slight fizzle in the mouth like it's giving a little hello how are you to me. The honey flavor is very light especially if you are used to "full" bottled mead's, but still nice and honey in my tummy feeling. There is a strange other cereal grainy flavor in there somewhere, but still enjoyable. It is very smooth as I barely pick up any alcohol taste. A faint but obvious fizzy taste tickles my tongue like it is giving me a goochy goochy goo. The aftertaste is a stronger honey flavor and the other mentioned flavor is gone.

Conclusion - If you are like me and you enjoy pure honey flavor mead more than wacky mead flavors like blueberry mead (if mead was supposed to be blueberry flavored then Bee's would be blue :p) then you will like Valkyrie's Choice by Groennfell Meadery. Just keep in mind if you are new to these types of craft mead's that they are much lighter than "full" mead's you would find in a bottle, so do not expect a honey elemental to pop out and slap you across the face.

With that said I do wish it had a stronger honey flavor as it is pretty mild, so you might prefer something with a bit more honey flavor along with a bit extra flavor such as Old Wayfarer or Hop Swarm both of which are in my opinion stronger honey flavors with other additional flavors but don't tilt to the dark side of cherry/blueberry mead. It is still pretty good and worth a try though, the old Barrel Aged Valkyrie's choice was a better version but the new iteration which is Shieldmaiden was much worse (the original release), however I have not tried the new Shieldmaiden formula so take that opinion with a grain of salt.

Niles R.
My First Mead

I had been wanting to try Groennfell meads ever since listening to their mention and eventual sponsorship of the Basic Brewing Radio Podcast. I happened to be invited to a camping trip in Burlington, VT and someone brought Valkyrie’s Choice! I was ecstatic! I had it by a fire and felt transported to Valhalla!

Brandon M.
Best Craft Mead to Date

I absolutely love this mead. This is my 3rd or 4th order and I can’t get enough. My wife loves it too 😁

Honestly…it’s inspired me to start trying to make my own. Will always be a customer here but the process of making it sounds so fun, and that love is thanks to Groennfell!