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Groennfell Meadery

Vanir Ancient Collection Classic Honey Mead by Groennfell - 2023 Release

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The Groennfell Ancient Collection is the culmination of ten thousand years of human meadmaking.

It's our attempt to pay homage to all those who came before us and to inspire meadmakers in the distant future.

Vanir is our triumph; our testament to the great meads of antiquity. Made with pure wildflower honey, fermented on three European strains of yeast, aged on carved ash wood and oak, and named in honor of the Norse Gods who inspired it.

Tasting Notes:
Color - Almost white yellow
Aroma - Explosion of honey
Flavor - Warm honey and a slight floral character
Closest Comparison - This is a lot like Vanir Batch #2, but even more delicate.

  • One 750 ml bottle of Vanir
  • 15.9% ABV
  • Non-carbonated
  • Ingredients: Raw Wildflower Honey, Aged on Ashwood and Oak Staves
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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Glen P.
New customer

My order was filled in a timely manner. So far I love this mead. I will be repeat customer. Thank you for a great tasting drink.

Heidi M.
Smoothest and best flavor

I bought the 4 bottles of mead in a package and so far I couldn't be happier! The Bragi was worthy of Valhalla! I've had bad meads and meads I thought were good but this was so smooth I could sip it all day. Would definitely buy again.

Andy S.
New Vanir

The Ancient Collection is by far the superior line of meads from G&H. The new Vanir is overall a very tasty re-release of the old mead. Some similarities and differences from the this one & the older Vanir

- both have a golden hue
- both are “strong” mead (higher ABV)
-both a have a smooth clean finish for sipping
-both aged with ashwood & oak

-OG Vanir was stronger (19.2% vs 15.9%)
-longer aging process for OG Vanir
-aging process gave more of a cloudy look & a smooth finish, not unlike a bourbon
-new Vanir is clearer & a more crisp finish like a Sprite or Stary Olsa mead but no carbonation.
- new bottles is a thin glass bottle vs the old black ceramic bottles.

Overall, both versions of this mead are delicious in their own right & both can be enjoyed at room temp or chilled. ( I prefer chilled for the new one & room for the OG)
You would be remissed if you don’t get your hands on one of these bottles!

Brenda S.
A truly lovely mead!

Vanir is sweet but crisp and very light. Although not carbonated, there was a slight effervescence that I found quite refreshing. I like to taste against a variety of flavors and Vanir more than met expectations based on its rep. It paired equally well with sharp cheddar and strawberries but with enough strength to hold its own against a habanero jack. I drank it at room temperature but can tell it will be quite lovely chilled as a dessert mead.