The Professional Brewers' Podcast is Live!

The Professional Brewers' Podcast is Live!

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As an open-source company, we've been creating content for years with a focus on helping homebrewers level up their meadmaking game. Well, now it's time for us to level up our game, and to that end, we are outrageously excited to announce the Professional Brewers' Podcast!

The Super Dope Logo for the Professional Brewers Podcast

While there's tons of information on the internet about the basics of brewing, innumerable articles taking you "behind the scenes" of your favorite brewery, and scads of YouTube content, there isn't a single show where brewers talk to other brewers about, well, brewing.

Weird, right?

So, with that discovery, we set about creating the show we wish we'd had when we were thinking about opening our meadery. When we were looking around for interviews, we sent this description:

Welcome to the Professional Brewers Podcast where we interview brewers, brewery owners, and other folks in the industry to take a deep dive into what it takes to have a successful brewing operation.

This show is for brewers of all kinds: folks considering going pro, professional brewers, people who want to look behind the scenes of their favorite breweries, or merely the brewcurious.

Whether you’re hanging over a fifty-barrel mash tun while you listen to this or you’re just starting your professional brewing journey, we hope this show helps you become a better, more profitable, happier brewer.

New episodes every Wednesday!

Our friends in the brewing industry were, to put it mildly, stoked. Within three days we had the first two months' worth of episodes scheduled. It turns out that a lot of us wish we had had better information (sometimes simply more information) before we jumped into the business.

Not only are we talking to other brewers, but also folks throughout the industry. We've got distributors large and small, machine manufacturers, canning line experts, brewery founders, and much more.

We also want to thank Mia Muschek whose wonderful e-mail was the final spark that got us to record the first episodes!

We've put together a Patreon Page for anyone who's thinking about going pro, whether as a brewer or brewery owner. From there, you'll be able to ask questions of upcoming guests and help us bring you the show, which is a lot of work that has been keeping us away from the brewhouse.

The show is available wherever you get your podcasts! Just search for Professional Brewers' Podcast, and we should pop right up! You can also grab the RSS link right here.

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