Our Most Commonly Asked Shipping Questions

Our Most Commonly Asked Shipping Questions

Sam Trathen
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Navigating mead shipments can sometimes be a little confusing. We get a lot of questions in our Customer Service inbox about shipping - whether it's asking to change a delivery date, replace a damaged package, or what to do if you won't be home at the time of the delivery. 

If you are lost in the shipping maze, take a look here and see if we can answer your question.

And you are always welcome to email the Customer Service team at info@groennfell.com with any questions or concerns! We don't bite, promise.

A Few Quick Questions First

I missed my delivery! What do I do?

UPS will attempt delivery for three business days (and Saturday in some places) in a row, so if you missed it on the first day, don't worry! They will try again on the next business day.

I missed my third delivery attempt! What do I do?

Please email the Customer Service team at info@groennfell.com to arrange for a reshipment (and scroll down for more notes about reshipments.)

I'm not going to be able to get any of my deliveries! What do I do?

You should arrange for a UPS Access Point, friend! Scroll down to find out how to do that.

I didn't get my tracking number!

Please remember to check your spam box. If it's not in there, email info@groennfell.com, and we'll track it down for you.

I need my package on a certain date for an event! 

The best thing to do in this situation is to use expedited shipping to ensure you get it as soon as possible. (We always ship express orders by the next business day!) However, if you don't need it immediately but would like to be sure it gets to you by a certain date, please email us at info@groennfell.com and let us know. We try to accommodate these requests as best as we can, but we cannot guarantee delivery dates.

I got the wrong product!

Oh no! We apologize, but that does happen on occasion. We're only human. Please email info@groennfell.com and let us know. We'll make it right.

My box was missing a product I ordered!

Due to the weight of our products, we sometimes have to send larger orders in multiple shipments, so they may not always get delivered on the same day. Printed merch is sometimes fulfilled directly from our printers, so they may not show up with a mead order.

If you're concerned that we may have forgotten something, please reach out to info@groennfell.com, and we'll see if you're due for multiple shipments or if your item was misplaced and needs replacement.

You may be sensing a trend with these answers...

sam frm customer service

(This is Sam, our Marketing Bard, and the face most often behind info@groennfell.com. She's very friendly, we promise.)

Contact Us

Yes, contacting us is the easiest way to get an answer to your concern. Our Customer Service team works Monday-Friday, from 10 AM-6 PM Eastern Time, so if you ask a question outside those hours, you may have to wait for an answer, but we will do our best to get back to you quickly.

mead orders shipping

(Look at all those orders, about to head to their new homes!)

There are a few things our Customer Service team cannot do.

What Our Customer Service Team Can't Do

We cannot:

  • Change the date or location of delivery without charging a fee. *(With one exception - UPS Access Points! Scroll down to learn more!) UPS charges us for any changes to deliveries. That charge is usually about $17-18. If you are willing to pay that fee, we can send you an invoice and once it is paid, we will make the change for you. You can also skip the middleman and do it for yourself at the same cost by creating a UPS MyChoice account, logging into your account, going to your tracking information page, and hitting the large button that says 'Change My Delivery.'
  • Ask UPS to drop it off with your neighbor, at the back door, with your dog, etc. We are not able to pass a message along to your local driver. Our best suggestion here is to contact your local UPS Customer Care Center and make that request.
  • Arrange for UPS to drop it off without a signature. Any of our purchases that contain alcohol must be signed for by a recipient that is 21+ years old. If your order does not contain mead (yes, we do sell things apart from mead!), your order does not require a signature.
  • Replace or refund your order because you did not like your mead. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and we do appreciate you giving us a try. Not everyone has the same taste, however, if your mead has a sulfuric smell, you may have gotten bottle shock. So please reach out and let us know if you think there is an issue with your mead beyond a personal preference.
  • Accept returned mead. It is against Federal and State law for us to accept alcohol that has been returned to us, so if you do not want your mead, please share it with a friend or dispose of it on your own.

What Our Customer Service Team Can Do

We can:

  • Change the time or location of your delivery if you pay the fee. Email info@groennfell.com to arrange payment and delivery changes. 
  • Help you find a lost package. The UPS team we work with is very good at tracking down missing packages! If you think your mead is lost, please let us know and we'll get them on the case.
  • Replace products that were damaged in transit. We appreciate photos of damaged merchandise so that we can assess if our packing methods need to be adjusted, and so we can file a claim with UPS to be compensated for the damaged shipment.
  • Resend mead that has been returned to us for whatever reason. If your mead winds up getting returned to us, we would be happy to ship it back out. However, if it was returned to us because you were not able to sign for it, we will have to charge you for shipping the replacement - even if you originally got free shipping.
  • Replace products that were incorrectly sent or items that are missing from your order. Even we make mistakes sometimes! Give us a holler and we'll get the correct items out to you ASAP.
  • Help you file a claim with UPS for damaged or missing packages. We know that process can sometimes be a little confusing, so please reach out and ask for assistance, and we'll happily get it taken care of.
  • Arrange for your mead to be sent to a UPS Access Point if you won't be home to sign for it. Hold on, what is that?

How To Use UPS Access Points

I'm not going to be home for my delivery! How am I supposed to get my mead?!

It's OK! We get this question a LOT in the customer service inbox (info@groennfell.com). And we get understand: you spent a lot of money on your mead. You want to be sure it gets to you safely!

Don't worry -- we have a free and easy solution.

We have partnered with UPS and HubBox to provide a free service: if you don't think you'll be home to sign for your mead, you can have it shipped to a holding location, where they will sign for your mead and store it until you are able to come and collect it.

These holding locations are often UPS Stores (though not every UPS Store offers this service), but there are a variety of other stores that have signed up with UPS to provide this service. Some of them include Michael's, Advance Auto Parts, and other local stores.

To take advantage of this free service, you can use the HubBox feature right on our checkout page, or you email us (info@groennfell.com) before or after you place your order, and we can help you find a location. 

There are a couple of caveats:

  • Once your mead is delivered to an Access Point, you will have five business days to collect it, or else the Access Point will send the package back to us. You can arrange for a reshipment, but we will have to collect a reshipment fee.
  • You will need to have a valid state ID to pick up your package.
  • You cannot have someone else pick up your package for you.
  • If you ask us to switch your delivery to a UPS Access Point AFTER it has left our facilities, we cannot choose a specific location to send your package to. UPS will take it to the nearest Customer Care Center to your address. Usually, these places are very close by. But sometimes, especially if you live somewhere very rural, it can be a bit of a drive! So if you're interested in this option, please use the HubBox feature during checkout to find a UPS Access Point near you, or email us at info@groennfell.com right after you place your order, and we'll help you find a location before we ship your package out!
  • Please do not put the address of your local Access Point into the shipping address when you place your order! Each Access Point has a special code that must be included in the address. Without that code, the store may refuse the package or charge you for pickup. The HubBox app will automatically add that code, or we will add it for you if you email us.

Still have questions? 

You guessed it! Email us at info@groennfell.com and we'll send you an answer as soon as we can.

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