Chaos Cyser Clone Recipe

Chaos Cyser Clone Recipe

Ricky Klein
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Chaos Cyser
An apple, vanilla mead perfect for any season

Chaos Cyser Clone Recipe

Batch Size - 5 Gallon/19L
OG - 1.042
FG - .998
ABV - 6.1


6 lbs wildflower honey
½ Gallon Apple Juice or Cider
Enough Water to Make the Final Volume 5 Gallons
1 oz. Wyeast Wine Yeast Nutrient
1 oz. Vanilla Extract
5 Campden Tablets (if desired)
5 packets D47 Yeast

Step by Step

  1. Combine the first four ingredients with the water at 92°F (33°C) stirring vigorously to aerate. 
  2. Either sulfite with campden tablets and wait 24 hours or go on to the next step
  3. Add the yeast as recommended by the manufacturer
  4. Maintain the fermentation at about 86 degrees Fahrenheit 
  5. Add the vanilla as fermentation completes
  6. Bottle (with priming sugar) or keg when bubbling has completely stopped (should be 8-10 days).
  7. Enjoy in a week or two!

For general brewing principles and practices please visit our article: How We Brew Everything We Brew

If you're not a homebrewer yet, or don't have the patience to wait for you batch to be done, OR you want to test your batch against ours, you can always grab a 4-pack of Chaos Cyser from our online store.

Since Chaos Cyser is a seasonal brew, it might be out of stock (which is another great reason to be a homebrewer!). We usually have jellies and other products made with the mead available in our Mercantile Collection throughout the year.

And, of course, if you're in one of the states that we can't ship to for some reason, you can look for it in your local store. We're available in a few states around the US with more coming all the time. You can learn more about that by checking out this page.

Please feel free to shoot us a message with any questions you have about this batch or anything else!

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