Fire on Snow Cocktail Recipe - Step-by-Step Guide

Fire on Snow Cocktail Recipe - Step-by-Step Guide

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OK. Not gonna bury the lede on this one: making a Fire on Snow cocktail is as easy as putting Fire on Snow in a glass with your favorite liquor in approximately a 5:1 (Fire on Snow to liquor) ratio.

"What liquor?" you ask. Your favorite. Or whatever you have handy.

There's so much going on in Fire on Snow, from the cinnamon to the maple to the smoky peppers, that no matter what you mix it with you'll discover new flavors.

Mix it with brandy, and the vanilla and maple practically jump out of the glass.

Mix it with Irish whiskey, and the smoke from the merquén is amazing.

Mix it with vodka and... it, umm, becomes more alcoholic.

Mix it with gin, and the fruity, herbaceous flavors of our home-grown hatch chilies come to the fore.

Our favorite mix right now might surprise you... (Not, like, in the internet way of "Oh, these pictures of people in short skirts from the 20s might surprise you" and then it turns out it's people in short skirts, but from the 20s! This really might surprise you.)

Fire on Snow with Absinthe. Y'know... on a pile of woodchips.

Like so many of Ricky's ideas, we were incredibly skeptical at first, but every single one of us is a convert.

Here's the recipe, mix the following in a snifter:

  • 1 part absinthe
  • 5 parts Fire on Snow
  • Two ice cubes
  • Wait until the ice cubes melt. Then, either add a splash of fresh maple syrup or drink as-is.

Ricky is in the maple syrup camp, Kelly is in the "as-is" camp, but holy smokes! Prepare to have your mind blown!

First of all, look at the legs on that thing! Our absinthe is 78% ABV, so this drink isn't for the faint of heart. The final cocktail lands in the 20% range, but it is so incredibly complex that it's a genuine sipping drink.

We realized we needed to come up with a name for it, so we asked Ricky, who invented it, and he had a brilliant idea:

Fire on Snow with Absinthe and Sometimes Maple Syrup in It

Genius. Pure Genius. We genuinely don't know how the guy comes up with these things. It's like if Jane Austen and Hemmingway had a natural* son and he took up haiku on a semester abroad, but not a semester spent in Japan. Maybe a semester abroad on a farm in Dubuque, Iowa.

So, after you experiment with your favorite liquor (and sometimes maple syrup) drop us a line and let us know what you've invented! If it's 1/8th as good as this, we'll definitely share!

*Modern people would say 'bastard,' but they are crass and vazey muttonheads. This term is clearly used by all the right people.

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