Groennfell... Winery?!?! Yes, Indeed!

Groennfell... Winery?!?! Yes, Indeed!

Groennfell Meadery
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Yes, indeed, dear friends! Groennfell Meadery is now offering a limited selection of wines!

Our first two offerings are Chambourcin and Pinot Gris, and they're available starting today!

You can pick up your bottles today, or even grab one of our tasting kits! If you'd like to learn more about our new venture, read on!

Why wine?

To put it simply: We're brewing nerds, and wine is something new and exciting to us.

Also, we wanted to make a pyment (more on that below), and for that, we needed wine!

Our first offerings are very straightforward and were made in collaboration with a fantastic winery in Michigan. We wanted to make sure that we had some nice, solid, traditional wines available before we got too deep into ancient brewing practices.

Pinot Gris White Wine from Groennfell

How did we decide which wines to offer?

We wanted to have one wine that everyone knows and feels comfortable with. Thus, Pinot Gris. Ours is super bright and floral with tons of fresh fruit on the pallet.

We also wanted something that might be new to a lot of our fans, so we decided on Chambourcin, a newer varietal that has both climate resilience (part of our regenerative ag mission!) and a wide range of flavors. It's one of the few red wines, in fact, that can be enjoyed both chilled and at cellar temps.

Bryce Enjoying Some Groennfell Wine

What's Next?

As mentioned above, we're making a pyment for an upcoming Groennfell Bottle of the Month! It's coming along beautifully, and we're really excited about it. A pyment, in case you haven't guessed, is a mead made with grapes.

As for the wines themselves, we're already experimenting with ancient brewing techniques such as amphorae, barrel fermenting, spiced wines, mulsum (another form of pyment, with a much larger proportion of wine to honey), and much more!

Chambourcin Red Wine from Groennfell

Will there be other varietals available?

There sure will! As soon as this year's harvest is complete, we'll begin experimenting with new wines which will be available in 2024.

We're not certain precisely which grapes we'll be working with, so stay tuned!

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