Mobile Mead Hall Menu and Food Sourcing

Mobile Mead Hall Menu and Food Sourcing

Groennfell Meadery
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In case you haven't heard, we have a Mobile Mead Hall serving fantastic food and drinks all around Vermont.

While we're always tweaking our recipes and rotating our offerings with the season, there are a few big categories of food that you can choose between when working with our Mobile Mead Hall. But first, a word about all of the food we make.

Sourcing for All of Our Food

We do our absolute best to cook with seasonal ingredients from local farms. In fact, we have our own farm, Bondegaard, where we grow many of the ingredients and nearly all of the herbs and spices we use in our food.

For our meat, we work with Bob from Bob's Meat Market to source local meat from Vermont farmers who focus on regenerative farming.

For our grain, we buy almost exclusively from Azure Standard then mill it ourselves. For pre-made bread products, we use a variety of local bakers depending on the menu for the event.

For our veggies, we use numerous local farms in addition to our own, though we sometimes buy in bulk through restaurant supply stores.

Local Veggies for Mobile Mead Hall

We make almost all of the food from scratch in our catering kitchen. The two major exceptions are puff pastry and sausages, both of which we buy pre-made.

As an open-source company, we are happy to share the source for all of the ingredients in the food we're serving. Just ask!

Viking-era Fare

Using historical texts and archeological evidence as our guide, we do our best to recreate historic dishes from the Viking Era using exclusively ingredients available to the Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon people of that time.

Example Menu Items

  • Roasted Pork Barley Bowl
  • Fish Stew with Potherbs
  • Cheese Board with Black Bread
  • Beef Stew with Root Vegetables
  • Sweet Honey Bread with Fresh Cheese
  • House-made Pickled Herring

Modern Scandinavian Comfort Food

Scandinavian Comfort food from the Mobile Mead Hall

From Danish hotdogs to grilled Havarti on rye to Swedish Meatballs, there's something for everyone on this menu! You'll recognize most of these foods, but find an exciting, Nordic twist.

Example Menu Items

  • Danish Hotdogs with house-made Condiments
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Scandinavian Grilled Cheese
  • House-made Pickled Herring
  • Danish Pastries (Wienerbrød)
  • Fishcakes with Remoulade

Brats and BBQ

Smoked Goat Legs at the Mobile Mead Hall

We get it, sometimes you want a good ol' fashioned crowd pleaser. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Smoked meats from local farms are a particular passion of ours.

Example Menu Items

  • Grilled Brats
  • Pulled Pork
  • Smoked Brisket
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Locally-made Hotdogs

Scandinavian-fusion Cuisine

Hannukah Dinner for Mobile Mead Hall

Have you ever had a Passover Seder using only Viking-era ingredients? How about a eight course collaboration between a Thai and Danish chef? What about an American Summer BBQ using only Norwegian ingredients? Well we've done all of that and much more!

We do a few fusion events every year, and you can always find them here on our Eventbrite page. If you're a chef and want to work on a collaboration, or if you want a custom menu for your event, please use the contact form on our Mobile Mead Hall page.

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