Mobile Mead Hall Returns - Groennfell Now Offers Catering

Mobile Mead Hall Returns - Groennfell Now Offers Catering

Ricky the Meadmaker
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We are over the moon to announce the return of our Mobile Mead Hall!

As of May 2023, our catering company is back and ready to roll. You'll find us at Ren faires, local events, and, starting in June, every week at the Saint Albans Bay Farmer's Market.

And now, for the first time, we're catering private events!

We have a whole page devoted to our Mobile Mead Hall which you can check out right here. But today, I want to talk a bit about our Mead Hall Mission, how we pick our menus, and why we're so outrageously excited to be making food again

Building the Feast Table for the Mobile Mead Hall

A Word about Feasting

Feasting is the heart and soul of Groennfell. We're known for our mead, of course, but our mission is to bring communities together around a feast; mead is just one way that we serve that mission.

In our company handbook, on our website, in our B Corp Mission Lock, and innumerable other places we have these words:

The world has forgotten how to feast.

We believe that a feast is a space set apart from daily life where people feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves, surrounded by food, drink, and revelry. 

We are proud of the meads we make, of course, but in all that we do, we remember that we are in the business of feasting.

Obviously, the whole world hasn't forgotten how to feast. There are so many cultures that we learn from every day that have feasting, fasting, and reverence as a core part of their existence. Our mission is to help those who may be new to feasting - or have lost that part of their lives - learn to feast again.

In fact, we handmade a 40-foot feast table that we set up for our feasts. That's a picture of Ricky (AKA me) stripping the bark for the legs in the photo above. And we're just itching to set it up again.

Alcohol isn't required for a feast (though we obviously think it's a nice addition), but food and community are. When we closed our Mead Hall before moving to St. Albans, a core part of our mission was put on hold.

And that is why we're so excited about relaunching the Mobile Mead Hall.

Folks at a Feast Table for the Mobile Mead Hall

All About Our Food (and Ingredient Sourcing)

We have an entire article about the foods we serve and how we source our ingredients. It's regularly updated and you can check that out right here.

In general, though, we focus on Scandinavian comfort food made with locally, ethically sourced ingredients. As an Open-Source Company, we are happy to share the complete sourcing for any of our foods with anyone who asks!

Oh, and if you haven't heard, we also started our own farm to supply the herbs and spices that we couldn't find anywhere else.

Where Can You Catch Up with the Mobile Mead Hall?

Another great question! We're at basically all of Vermont Gathering's Events, and for everything else, you can check out our Facebook Page.

How Do I Book the Mobile Mead Hall for My Event?

That one is easy! Head over to the main page and shoot us a message!

Well, that's it for now, elsklinger. We can't wait to feast with you!

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