New Products and Updates to Groennfell Mercantile

New Products and Updates to Groennfell Mercantile

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Hi, Meadiacs! (Or, are you Mustardacs? Jellyattics?)

OK, first of all, holy smokes! I can’t believe how excited everyone’s been about Groennfell Mercantile! Cooking is one of my great passions, as many of you know, and I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the explosion of our food line.

Overwhelmed in multiple senses, in fact. I’ve been spending almost as much time making jellies and mustards (and experimenting with exciting new offerings) as I’ve spent brewing these last few weeks.

I wanted to give a special thanks to everyone who’s sent me their feedback. There are a few changes in the next round of Groennfell Mercantile.

First, the jellies are going to be thicker. We’re a spread-your-jelly-with-a-spoon kinda family, but other folks like to use a knife. Totally get that! Why spoon when you can knife? Also, I’m making a Draki Jelly now!

Groennfell Mercantile Jelly as Far as the Eye Can See

Second, canning mustard that can make it from Vermont to the far corners of the country was a bigger challenge than I anticipated. It took me about two weeks of trying new formulations to make a mustard that I can consistently can in a low-tech setup. Getting the texture right while keeping it from boiling up and popping off lids was… quite the learning experience.

And finally, I tweaked the Root of All Evil Mustard recipe to make it a brighter yellow and to be more mustard-forward. There’s still plenty of ginger flavor, but I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts about the new balance!

If you had the first batch of Root of All Evil Mustard, check your e-mail, a special offer will be arriving soon! I’d especially like to hear your thoughts about the two batches.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Helping people feast is my passion, and this is such a big part of it for me.


Ricky the Meadmaker (Jellyman?)

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