Now Carrying Vermont Bees' Honey!

Now Carrying Vermont Bees' Honey!

Groennfell Meadery
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We are thrilled to announce that we're partnering with local beekeepers at Vermont Bees to carry some of the world's best honey just in time for the holidays!

How local? We can actually see some of their hives from a drone above our building!

How good is the honey? We've tasted literally hundreds of honeys from around the world and this is one of the single best honeys we've ever tried.

Vermont Bees has boxes all throughout our county

Not only do our friends Adam, Bianca, and Bruce work with their tiny insect friends to produce delicious honey, their philosophy of place and environmental stewardship is something we're honored to support.

You can read all about their philosophy here, but briefly, in their own words:

We’re putting our effort into helping build and maintain a localized population of honey bees, adapted to Vermont’s unique climate and challenges. Each year, we take the bees that overwinter successfully and make new colonies and raise queen bees from those. 

Our bees are Vermont bees. They’re raised in the Vermont sun and wintered under Vermont snow. Our bees visit Vermont flowers and make pure, true Vermont honey.

We believe there’s a difference, and that’s what we’re after. 

That’s what we do.

The company is run by a small team who put their all into what they do. (Incidentally, they also photograph really well.)

Our friends Bianca and Adam from Vermont Bees
If you want to try some for yourself, you can head right over here, or you can add it to a mix case! 

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