Proudly Announcing: Groennfell Mercantile

Proudly Announcing: Groennfell Mercantile

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We are over the moon to announce a project nearly ten years in the making: Groennfell Mercantile!

We regularly get requests for discontinued meads or large batches of Firkin Friday projects, but more than any mead, what we get the most requests for is The Mead Hall and the foods we made there.

We’ve done our best to create meet-ups, virtual Mead Halls, and all sorts of other things to keep the spirit alive, but we know that there was something missing. While having a pint together with friends, even by a roaring fire, is an absolute delight, our mission is to help people feast, and it is with that mission in mind that we created Groennfell Mercantile.

Just like at the Mead Hall, Groennfell Mercantile produces Scandinavian-inspired foods all made with our mead. Everything made under the Groennfell Mercantile line is hand-crafted in small batches in Swanton, VT. And soon, we'll also be fulfilling our mission of working with other small producers to make even more amazing products with our mead.

Oh, and did we mention that everything we make is shelf-stable so it can ship right next to your mead and feasting books!

Chaos Jelly from Groennfell Mercantile

In addition to the mustards and jellies already in the store, here are some of the things that are already on the horizon:

  • Mead-based Jerky (from an award-winning jerky maker)
  • Hardtack from different grains
  • Wayfarer’s Mix (a blend of ancient fruits, nuts, and seeds)
  • Mulling Spice Blends

Is there something you miss from the Mead Hall that you want us to carry? Is there something specific you’d like to see Ricky try his hand at making? We want to know! Hit us on social or send us a message! (Full disclosure: Ricky is desperately hoping that people will request pickled herring and that he can add that to the line-up.)

To end, a personal note from Ricky who’s been doing a lot of the heavy lifting on this project: “We’re a small business and we have really hard days. Really, really hard days. But every time someone tells me that they remember just one thing from the Mead Hall days - a favorite food, a funny story, a special event - somehow it gets easier to get up, dust myself off, and get back to work. Thank you to all of you who have kept the Mead Hall alive.”

Full Board with Groennfell Mercantile Mustards and Jellies

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