Announcing the Groennfell and Grimfrost Partnership

Announcing the Groennfell and Grimfrost Partnership

Sam Trathen
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Groennfell is proud to announce a new partnership with our friends at GRIMFROST.

Grimfrost is a Swedish company and a global community that builds a bridge between the past and the present.

With this mead, Grimfrost continues this mission by venturing back to the world of our forebears, when mead was considered to originate from the gods.

We have long been fans of Grimfrost’s products, and as it turns out, they’ve been fans of us too. We are so delighted to come together with them in mutual admiration and produce three new craft meads that show off the best of both brands.

These meads are:
grimfrost varagian

  • Varangian Rosehip and Spice Mead: 100% wildflower honey brewed with two classic Scandinavian ingredients - rosehips and cinnamon - for a bright, refreshing, modern craft mead. Golden tan with warm spice on the nose. On the palate, warm spice and honey carry right through.


  • Draki Black Currant Mead: A historic Scandinavian mead brewed with black currants and wildflower honey, for a crisp, dry, modern craft mead. Magenta with an aroma of crushed fresh berries. This mead is so mellow on the palate that it’s as refreshing as a glass of watermelon juice.

  • Herja Oak-aged Wildflower Honey Mead: Brewed with 100% wildflower honey, then aged on oak for a modern craft mead with a taste of the Viking Age. Wild chamomile colored with an aroma of fresh flowers, and honey-drizzled melon slices on the palate.


Will these meads be permanently part of the Groennfell and Grimfrost collections?

Yes, that’s the plan!

Which mead should I try first?

Taste is subjective, but after we did a taste test at the meadery, nearly everyone picked Varangian as their favorite. Marketing Manager Jess was the outlier. She is enchanted with Draki. Ricky the Meadmaker immediately made a cocktail combining Vanir and Varangian, so his vote was completely ignored.

Is Herja the new name for Oak Aged Valkyrie’s Choice?


Does this mean I’ll be able to get Groennfell and Havoc Meads outside of the US?
Right now, Groennfell, Havoc, and Grimfrost’s Craft Meads are only available in the US, but we already have international distribution on our radar.

Will there be opportunities for me to get discounts on Grimfrost products by also being a Groennfell and Havoc customer?

Yes! Part of the advantage of this partnership is that you can now add Grimfrost mead to our popular craft mead case builders, which are discounted as a reward for purchasing a full case.

Will you be bringing back some of the bottled meads that Grimfrost used to sell?

We don’t have plans for this yet, but we are hoping to make many more products with Grimfrost!

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