Crafters and Creators Collection at Groennfell Meadery

Crafters and Creators Collection at Groennfell Meadery

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You’ve been asking for years, and it’s finally happening! Groennfell Meadery is launching a Crafters and Creators Collection for all of you avid artists, makers, brewers, meadmakers, professional creators, and more!

As many of you know, when we started carrying drinking horns on our site, we tested every single one of them for leaks. And although we no longer carry drinking horns (instead, you should go visit our friends at Grimfrost to see their massive collection) you’ve probably been wondering what we did with all of those horns and barrel mugs that failed the test?

The answer shouldn’t surprise you: We kept them and used them!

Ricky Making a Horn Planter for the Crafters and Creators Collection
And while we love building and crafting ourselves, our favorite thing to do is share with our community. So in addition to our own projects, we’ve given them to local artists and nurseries to create everything from jewelry to pencil cups to planters, and now we’re making them available to you!

Also, if you’re a professional creator, we can do larger mixed orders of different sizes and types of horns, just shoot us a message on our Contact Page, we’d love to hook you up with larger orders at steeper discounts.

Autumn, whom many of you know from her exquisite artwork for the company, has been making beautiful pieces with horn for a while now. Most of the art you see on the product listings comes from her. But if you’re a creator and want to get your name out there, we’re happy to post and tag anything you make on all the socials. We love supporting cool people doing cool things.

As for the Crafters and Creators Collection itself, we’re adding new things all the time! In addition to the books for makers that we already have available, we’ll have homebrew and ingredient kits very soon!

This Is But One of the Many Opportunities with the Crafter and Creator Collection

What else do you think we should carry? Beeswax? Candle molds? Do-It-Yourself Pickled Herring kits?[1] Special mead for cooking? We’d love to hear from you! Join us in the Meadiacs group on Facebook or shoot us a message!

[1] These don’t actually exist, but Ricky would LOVE to invent them.

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