Groennfell Employee Fall Brew Recommendations

Groennfell Employee Fall Brew Recommendations

Sam Trathen
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Last week, we shared some of our staff’s favorite Autumnal Brews in our email newsletter. Did you miss them? Or are you looking for something to treat yourself to this fall?

Well, we have compiled them down below. If the mead is in stock, be sure to click on the staff member’s pic to go to the mead of their choice.

I’ll go first.

fall recommendations

I'm Sam. I'm Groennfell's Marketing Bard. That means I do all of our customer communication, between posting on this blog, sending our emails, responding to customer inquiries via our customer service channel, and singing bawdy songs for Jessica when she requires entertaining.

So full disclosure: I was going to pick Wild Hunt for my favorite fall brew, until I got a knock at my door today. Who was it? A delivery! Of Golden Apple of Discord! This is my first time trying Golden Apple and I am obsessed. I live in Florida now, which does not technically have a fall season (outside of hurricane season!) but I am originally from Washington State. And in Washington, autumn is apple season! 

No pumpkin spice, it's all apples: apple pie, apple candles, apple candy, apple cider, apple picking, apple everything!

Well, Golden Apple of Discord gave me a lovely, slightly sweet taste of home yesterday and it came just in time.

fall brew recommendations

Bryce kind of does a lot of everything around the meadery, but if you're local, you probably know him from one of our events, like Burly Axe's Thirsty Thorsday celebrations on the last Thursday of every month! You may also have seen him posting pictures of our cans out in nature in the Certified Meadiacs Facebook group. Today, we asked him what his favorite fall brew is:

"Vanir, complex flavor, not too light, not too heavy, perfect for sippings with authority when it’s colder."

fall brew recommendations

If you've heard of us, you've probably heard of Ricky. Whether it's from his articles on our blog or his videos on Ask the Meadmaker, Ricky is the daddy of Nora and Erik, one of the owners of Groennfell and Havoc, and the head of our brewing line. And now he's here and ready to share what he's drinking this fall:

"I absolutely love Golden Apple of Discord, which is why I'm so excited that it's finally back! The combination of the honey and fresh cider with just a little bit of sweetness is perfect for the first chilly days."

"Also, it makes a great base for dark rum or bourbon."

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following us for a while, but Autumn's favorite autumnal brew is…

"Absolutely Wild Hunt, and not just because I am artistically biased."

"I love the balance between the crisp tartness and the warmth of the spices, just like a perfect fall day with a crisp nip in the air morning and evening, yet still some warmth and sun and the visual richness of the foliage to enjoy in the day."

"Then of course the name just encapsulates the bone deep, ancestral seasonal rhythms of the fall, harvesting and hunting and stories told around a fire as we brace for the long winter ahead and the thinning of the veil for the spooky season... everything about Wild Hunt just speaks to me this time of year!"


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