Ricky's Mead Brew Journal - Week of 8/8 - Cool Graphs

Ricky's Mead Brew Journal - Week of 8/8 - Cool Graphs

Ricky the Meadmaker
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These are all of Ricky’s actual notes on our meadery operation and the mead we make. There might be profanity, usually of the late 19th Century variety. The only redactions are to remove the names of people and businesses when deemed appropriate. Footnotes provided by Jess and Kelly.


First day with Jon, and it was pretty weird to have such a small onsite team again. That said, I can't remember the last time I felt so efficient. All of my brews (except the new experimental ones) are chugging along. After Friday's hiccup with the lag on Wild Hunt, it's off to the races!

Also noticed some cool things about the dissolved O2 and the delay! I don't know what I'd do without the BrewMonitor.
Crazy Drop on Dissolved 02 on Batch of Wild Hunt Mead

Also started training the entire onsite staff on brewing process this week, and it was a lot of fun to start from scratch with people. Nothing cements things in your brain like teaching.

The new Grimfrost meads taste amazing and are doing that thing where, according to Jake, they only ferment at night. Maybe yeast really is nocturnal...

Barrel Aged Vanir is SO GOOD! It's the first mead I've ever had that I like more than whisky, and that's saying a lot.

[Jess added this product here so you could actually check it out, rather than making you Google for it like Ricky would.]

Bourbon Barrel-aged Vanir Mead - 2022

Bourbon Barrel-aged Vanir Mead - 2022


This is the second release in our Bourbon Barrel Series, and our most requested barrel-aged mead! After half a year in Village Garage Distillery Bourbon barrels, this Vanir has taken on the most incredibly complex character that we've ever had… read more

Sold out

What is up with this VC? It's fermenting at 35% speed? It tastes amazing, but I need to review the brewsheet with Jake when it completes next week.

Jake finally got all of the parts put away in their correct spots. I can't believe how long that took...

Got to give a tour to some of our favorite distributors and show off our huge solar array.

Up on the roof with Da Boys

Slow day with a lot of packing. I wish Erik didn't start screaming whenever we put him down in the packing room office. Maybe if we started having breakfast foods in there...

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